An Acrostic For You

Show you are thinking of someone with an Acrostic just for them. This could be someone who is working to help the world, to a family member or friend you can't see at the moment.

Ideas of who you can write about:



Police Woman / Man



Best Friend


Stay At Home

An Acrostic For You - NURSE


Staying at home for the time being

TV keeps me entertained

A game of hide-and-seek?

Yes, I won!

Afternoon tea with my mum

Tent-building in the garden

Happy facetiming my family

Oh to be out and about

My job though is to stay indoors

Everybody is in this together!

Nurses look after us when we are ill

Under pressure, but if anybody can cope... they can!

Real superstars

So incredibly caring

Everybody give a shout out to our wonderful NHS!

What To Do

Writing an acrostic is fun and easy, here are the simple steps:

1) Choose who you are writing your acrostic for and write their name down the left hand side of the poem sheet (or you can use paper you have at home).

2) Use the first letter of each line to start each sentence; once you have done this for each line, your poem is complete.

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